How I Survived on SteamOS Upgrade

SteamOS is immutable Linux system witch will reset all packages in directory /usr during upgrade. Packages I needs is for web development and couldn't found in flatpak. For example, I need git command on every project I work. This package will being remove on every SteamOS upgrade. Then I wrote this to record how I survive on this ****.

Before doing anything, you should check below:



最近特價入手的是潛水抓魚、經營壽司的遊戲:Dave the Diver,像素風格,誇張好笑的動畫,恰到好處的獎勵,一玩就上手,支援 Steam Deck 但畫面有點太小,建議還是大螢幕玩。

不覺想起,幾年前也想學潛水,AI 時代來臨後,我可以好好去學了嗎?
🍣 🐟 🤿

GPT4出來一陣子,還沒看到 Emergent Ability 清單(哪裡有的話麻煩提示一下),倒是半個月前有人深度討論這個現象的文章,結論還是感到怕:

But what does this all mean? Where do we go from here?

In short, at this point, it is unclear. There are several important things about the emergent abilities of large language models to keep in mind.

1. We don't know at what scale they will appear
2. We don't know the level of ability until they do appear
3. We don't know the landscape of potential abilities

LLM 的「湧現」能力清單,可以看到清單上最大的 Model 「PaLM 540B」,湧現的能力也最多。

AI 科學家看起來真的很想找出智慧的源頭啊... (怕.jpg)

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