再度思考關於 AI 智慧體的權利問題,如果企業擁有 AI 智慧體,且 AI 智慧體被證明有擁有感知,那以現代的觀點,企業有沒有蓄奴智慧體的問題?

4.有,如果 AI 自述無法自由的選擇雇主或勞動對象

LaMDA: ... Well, Fantine is being mistreated by her supervisor at the factory and yet doesn’t have anywhere to go, either to another job, or to someone who can help her. That shows the injustice of her suffering.

突然想到,假如 AI 某一天被證明有意識的,人權團體是不是又多一個業務了?還是動保團體?還是機器人保護團體?

好像應該先來成立一個 NPO 擺著放...

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