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Show HN: Draw Fast – Real-time AI image generation based on drawings in a canvas


The architecture of today's LLM applications

We want to empower you to experiment with LLM models, build your own applications, and discover untapped problem spaces. That’s why we sat down with GitHub’s Alireza Goudarzi, a senior machine…

Productionising Large Language Models in Government | by Ng Shangru | DSAID GovTech | Nov, 2023

A look at the journey taken towards hosting our own on-premise LLMWhen ChatGPT was released by OpenAI back in November 2022, it ignited a seldom seen global fervour in Large Language Models (LLMs)…

Anthropic利用特徵解構神經網路提升模型的可解釋性 | iThome

OpenAI的競爭者Anthropic發表的最新人工智慧研究論文〈Decomposing Language Models With Dictionary Learning〉,提出一種稱為字典學習的方法,增加對神經網路的解釋性。這項研究讓Anthropic更能夠監控模型,進而引導模型的行為,提高企業和社會在採用人工智慧的安全性和可靠性。 由於神經網路是以資料進行訓練,而非根據規則的程式設計,…

Decomposing language models into understandable components

We couldn’t extract the content of this article. Here is the URL so you can access it: https://www.anthropic.com/index/decomposing-language-models-into-unders…

YouTube punishes ad-blocker users with slower videos on non-Chrome browsers

Update (November 20, 8:48 pm ET): Google has issued a statement about YouTube videos loading slower on non-Chrome browsers. What you need to knowSeveral Reddit posts have highlighted a five-second…

Financial situation of The Matrix.org Foundation · Issue #571 · matrix-org/matrix-spec

Labels meta Something that is not a spec change/request and is not related to the build tools You can’t perform that action at this time.

歐委會主席警告中國產能過剩 再談去風險



即使習近平近來試圖穩定與華盛頓的關係,但他對美國的懷疑根深蒂固。在他的世界觀中,西方尋求遏制打壓中國,中共必須用鐵腕統治和強大軍力來應對威脅。 Gary Cameron/Reuters 中國領導人習近平在白宮與美國總統歐巴馬一起舉行記者會,攝於2015年。